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Plant Shopping App

The Plant Shopping Mobile Application, developed using Dart and Flutter, provides a platform for users to explore and purchase a variety of plants. The application integrates features such as database connectivity, a custom AI chatbot running on the cloud, and a deep learning model for plant identification. The application utilizes Firebase as the database system, ensuring secure storage for user information, product details, and admin-related data in the cloud. Plant Showcase: Users can browse a diverse range of plants, accessing detailed information including descriptions, care instructions, and pricing. Cart Functionality: Users can add plants to their cart, manage their selections, and proceed with purchasing the desired plants. Deep Learning Plant Identification: A deep learning model enables users to capture plant images using their device's camera, which is then used to identify the plant species. This feature assists customers in differentiating between plants and provides accurate information. AI Chatbot: The application includes an AI-powered chatbot that promptly responds to user queries and offers solutions related to plant care, purchasing, and order tracking. 3D Plant Model: Users can view plants in a 360-degree 3D model, enhancing their understanding of the plant's appearance and structure. The Plant Shopping Mobile Application seamlessly integrates database connectivity, a cloud-based AI chatbot, and a deep learning model for plant identification. By leveraging Dart and Flutter, the application delivers a user-friendly interface and enriches the plant shopping experience by providing accurate information, convenient interactions, and immersive visualizations.

Technology Used:

DartFlutterFirebasePythonAI Model