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Travel Website

The Travel Website is a project that was created from scratch, without using any pre-existing libraries or third-party packages. It serves as an online platform for a travel agency, displaying a list of travel packages with concise information about each one. The project also includes a blog section where customers can share their memorable moments and experiences from their travels. Additionally, the website offers user account functionality, allowing users to sign up, receive the latest deals, and access personalized features. There is also a contact us page where users can find the agency's headquarters and submit inquiries through a form. The Travel Website project showcases a custom website that presents travel packages, features customer travel experiences, and provides user account functionality. It focuses on important features like package display, engaging blog content, user account creation and management, and a contact us page. The objective of the website is to create a user-friendly platform where customers can explore exciting travel options, learn from real travel experiences, stay updated with the latest deals, and easily communicate with the agency's customer support team.

Technology Used: