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Airline Website

The Airline Website is an independent project that was built from scratch, without relying on any external libraries or third-party packages. It functions as an online platform for an airline, presenting a variety of deals and providing travel advice to customers. The project encompasses user account features, allowing users to sign up, receive the latest deals, and access their booked tickets. Additionally, the website includes a contact us page where users can locate the airline's headquarters and submit inquiries using a form. The Airline Website project showcases the development of a customized website that highlights deals, offers travel advice, and incorporates user account functionality. By prioritizing essential features like deal showcase, travel advice, user account creation and management, and a contact us page, the website aims to enhance the user experience and simplify travel planning and booking. The objective of the project is to offer a user-friendly platform where customers can explore exciting deals, gather useful travel information, stay updated with the latest offers, and easily communicate with the airline's customer support team.

Technology Used: