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Ebay Web Scraper

The eBay Web Scraping System is a project that demonstrates how to automatically collect data from the eBay website. It shows how data can be extracted based on user queries and the number of data points needed. The collected data is then stored in an Excel sheet for further analysis, including the possibility of creating AI models. With this system, users can utilize the collected data for analysis and potentially create AI models. By importing the data from the Excel sheet into analysis tools or machine learning frameworks, users can gain insights, identify patterns, and train AI models using the data collected from eBay. The eBay Web Scraping System highlights the capabilities of web scraping to automatically collect data from the eBay website. Users can easily define their queries and specify the desired number of data points, streamlining the data collection process. Storing the collected data in an Excel sheet enables further analysis and empowers users to explore insights or create AI models based on the eBay data. This project showcases the potential of web scraping and data analysis in leveraging online marketplaces for research, decision-making, and data-driven applications.

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