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Quiz Game App

The Visual Basic Quiz Game is an interactive program that tests participants' knowledge with a series of questions and answers. Users can import questions from a text file and are then presented with a random selection of 10 questions. To pass the quiz, users must answer 5 questions correctly. The game starts with an introductory video to provide an immersive experience. Participants are prompted to enter their names for a personalized touch. Each question is displayed along with four possible answers, and the system visually indicates whether the chosen answer is correct or not. Correct answers are shown in green, while incorrect ones are shown in red. Once all ten questions are answered, participants are directed to a result form that showcases their performance. The form includes their name, the chosen topic, and a breakdown of correct and incorrect answers. Results are presented in descending order, allowing participants to compare their scores with others. The system also keeps track of user results over time, enabling participants to monitor their progress and improvement in specific subject areas. The Visual Basic Quiz Game combines interactivity, randomization, and personalized feedback to deliver an engaging and educational experience. By importing questions, providing visual cues, and tracking participant results, this project offers an entertaining and effective way to test knowledge and enhance learning outcomes.

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