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University Courses System

The University Courses Prolog System is a project that utilizes Prolog, a logic programming language commonly associated with artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. Its main objective is to create a comprehensive system that caters to various aspects of university courses, such as prerequisites, student registration, lecturer assignments, and academic staff hierarchy. The project comprises a collection of facts and rules about courses, lecturers, managers, and students, which serve as the foundation for the system's knowledge base. This knowledge base enables the system to perform various operations and queries efficiently. Leveraging Prolog's logical programming capabilities, the University Courses Prolog System offers a robust solution for managing university course information. It facilitates tasks like identifying course prerequisites, determining student eligibility for registration, assigning lecturers to courses, and providing academic hierarchy information. By showcasing the practical application of Prolog in the fields of artificial intelligence and computational linguistics, this project contributes to the effective management of university courses and enhances the overall academic experience.

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