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Oracle APEX Online Shopping System

The Oracle APEX Online Shopping System is a project focused on creating a user-friendly online shopping platform using Oracle Application Express (APEX). This project involves building a database structure, designing the UI interface in Oracle APEX, and implementing various features to enhance the shopping experience. To begin, we establish the database structure by designing an Entity-Relationship (ER) diagram and schema. The ER diagram represents the relationships between entities, while the schema defines the structure and organization of the database tables. We then implement the database structure in Oracle by creating and iterating through the tables to ensure proper relationships. Once the database structure is established, we shift our focus to developing the UI interface using Oracle APEX. The UI is designed to provide a visually appealing and intuitive shopping experience. Key features of the UI include: Home Page: The UI features a home page that serves as the landing page for users, providing an overview of the online shopping system and highlighting promotions or featured products. List of Products: Users can browse through a comprehensive list of products available for purchase. The UI allows users to view product details, including images, descriptions, and pricing information. Product Search with Filters: The UI includes a search functionality that allows users to search for products based on specific criteria, such as category, price range, or brand. Filter options are provided to refine search results. Graphical Statistics: The UI provides graphical representations of purchase data, such as sales trends, popular products, or customer preferences. These statistics offer valuable insights into the shopping trends within the system. Product Reviews: Users can view and contribute product reviews, enabling them to make informed purchase decisions based on feedback from other customers. Customer Details: The UI includes a customer details page that stores multiple addresses and payment card information for each customer. This feature facilitates seamless checkout and allows users to manage their personal information easily. Warehouse Management: The UI displays a list of warehouses and the items available in each warehouse. This feature helps with inventory management and ensures accurate product availability information. Calendar for Delivery Tracking: The UI incorporates a calendar section to track the delivery status of purchased items. Users can view scheduled delivery dates and track the progress of their orders.

Technology Used:

DatabaseOrcle APEXOrcale DBHTMLCSSJavaScript