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Online shopping DB

Online Shopping System Structure aims to establish the basic framework for developing an online shopping system. It covers various aspects such as analysis, feasibility study, Gantt chart, PERT diagram, database structure, context diagram, and data flow diagrams. The main goal of this project is to design and create a strong foundation for an online shopping system. The initial phase involves conducting a thorough analysis by performing market research, identifying user requirements, and conducting a feasibility study to assess the system's viability and potential for success. This analysis phase provides valuable insights into the target market, competitors, and necessary features to effectively meet customer needs. To ensure efficient project management, the system includes the development of a Gantt chart and PERT diagram. These tools help in planning and scheduling the project, allocating resources, and setting realistic timelines for implementation. The database structure is a critical component of the online shopping system project. It involves building an Entity-Relationship (ER) diagram to illustrate the relationships between different entities within the system. Additionally, a schema is created to define the structure and organization of the database tables, ensuring data integrity and efficient storage. The project also includes the creation of a context diagram, providing an overview of the system and its interactions with external entities. This diagram illustrates the inputs and outputs of the system

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