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Food mobile app

The Food Mobile Application is a mobile app developed using Flutter and Dart programming language. It offers users a convenient way to browse and order food items from a company's menu. The app uses Firebase database for dynamic item addition and smooth ordering. Key features include a list of food items, detailed item views, a user cart for adding items, order creation and payment functionality, optional user account creation and login, and a contact page with social media links. The app displays a variety of food options, and users can view more details about each item, such as ingredients, nutrition facts, and customer reviews. Ordering is made easy with the ability to customize items, specify quantities, and add special instructions. Users can create an order, complete payment, and enjoy a streamlined experience. Optional user accounts allow for personalized preferences and order history. The contact page provides links to the client's social media, allowing users to connect and engage with the client through various platforms.

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