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Speaker mobile app

The Speaker Mobile App is a mobile app developed using Dart programming language and the Flutter framework. It aims to present a speaker's profile and the services they offer. The app features a user-friendly interface with different sections such as speaker profile, services list, client information, speaker profile and CV in both Arabic and English, a form for requesting speaker services, and a contact page with links to the speaker's social media accounts. The speaker profile page provides an overview of the speaker's background, experience, and expertise. Users can explore the services offered by the speaker and gain insights into their specialization and value they bring to clients. One of the app's notable features is the ability to view the speaker's profile and CV in both Arabic and English. By clicking on the respective language option, users can easily access and browse the speaker's profile and CV as the app retrieves the PDF document from the website and displays it within the app. The app also includes a form for clients to request the speaker's services, allowing them to provide their contact information and specific requirements. This enables the speaker to efficiently receive and respond to potential requests. Additionally, the contact page provides links to the speaker's social media accounts, allowing users to connect and engage with the speaker through various platforms.

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